Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who will Christie pick as Lt Governor?

PolitickerNJ offers some suggestions about Chris Christie's possible picks for Lt. Governor (assuming he wins the nomination). Their odds are:

2-1: Bergen County Clerk Kathleen Donovan
3-1: Senator Jennifer Beck
3-1: Assemblyman Jon Bramnick
6-1: Senator Joe Kyrillos
8-1: Assemblywoman Alison McHose
9-1: Former Assemblyman Jose Sosa
10-1: Senator Diane Allen
10-1: John Crowley
12-1: Senator Tom Kean Jr.
14-1: Senator Bill Baroni

Personally I'm leaning towards Jennifer Beck, especially since she's like me a local triathlete, or Joe Kyrillos who's from my district. Or Alison McHose or Bill Baroni who are my Facebook friends.


  1. Donovan is an excellent candidate, she is loved in Bergen County and knows how to get votes as the only Republican in a County dominated by Democrats.

    She also has plenty of experience in government.

    Obviously, I like Senator Beck as well. She's a tough campaigner who knows how to win when being outspent by big money Democrats. She's been a great legislator as well, standing up for making NJ more affordable again.

    So kinda torn between my Bergen County roots and my new Monmouth residence legislators..hah. In the end, either would be great. (But winning Bergen would help us take back the Governor's mansion..just saying)

    Oh and of course Senator Baroni would be excellent...I'm pretty bias on that one..ha. But as PolitickerNJ said, he's not interested in the job.

  2. So we're back to the eternal dilemma? X is better, but Y will give us better chances?

  3. Nobody is better then anyone else that I mentioned. I would never be able to judge who is better in the race between Beck and Donovan.