Thursday, January 15, 2009

Comments on Tim Geithner

Let me get back to the Tim Geithner story so I can discuss two comments I heard today.

First, Obama said it was an "innocent mistake". Mistake? Come on. That goes is not stupid. He's a smart guy and a financial industry expert. He received lots of documentation on how to report and pay those Social Security and Medicare taxes from his employer, IMF. He also signed to acknowledge receiving them. And again... "mistake"?? He was savvy enough to claim the child and independent care credit on his return, but forgot about Social Security? Well, here's the conundrum: Either Geithner intended not to pay taxes, and in this case it's called tax evasion and he should be tried and could end up in prison. And if it was indeed a mistake (which I doubt), then is this the person you want to oversee IRS??

Second, that pathetic loser Lindsey Graham (yeah, the good friend of you know who), said the we should "play gotcha on this". Is this what it is?? Playing GOTCHA? You gotta be freakin kidding me!! What does he mean? Maybe next time I get pulled over for speeding I should tell the cop "come on officer, let's not play gotcha, I'm busy". Is Graham nuts? It's like catching a sheriff stealing from a store and saying "well, let's not play gotcha, let him do his work".

Bottom line, for the reasons I showed earlier, Tim Geithner is NOT QUALIFIED for the Treasury job. He's either guilty of criminal tax evasion, or he's too stupid to be in charge of the IRS.

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