Sunday, January 11, 2009

Democrat smears in Monmouth County

I have to thank Art for this news. In his piece Politics affects appointments he offers a good response to the attack in Asbury Park Press (the official newspaper of Jersey shore Democrats) on Monmouth Co Republican Chairman, Joe Oxley. APP claims his company's appointment as a township attorney in Wall is solely politically motivated.

Now I've worked in Government contracting and I know Government entities usually award contracts to the lowest bidder. And Mr. Oxley's firm actually bid lower than the competitors. Even lower than the previous attorney. Oh, maybe that's what ticked off the Dems. They can't grasp the concept of cutting Government spending. After all, a Government position for them is a way to financially rewarding their cronies.

In APP's editorial there was no mention of Mr. Oxley's qualifications. And no mention of him losing the Highlands attorney job after Democrats took over that council. And I don't recall any outrage when Vic Scudiery, the Monmouth Democrats boss, got a DMV location into his own Airport Plaza in Hazlet, even more naming one of his associates as office chief, with a pretty good salary despite a total lack of experience.

So let me finish with Art's words:
Oxley is a former mayor of Middletown and has been designated a Diplomate in New Jersey Municipal Law. He is qualified and his firm was apparently the lowest bidder for the job. You would think the APP would like that.

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