Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Marlboro GOP Calls the Cops on Republicans They Don't Like

The Marlboro Republican Club had scheduled an event for the Republican Congressional Candidates in the 12th and 6th Districts, on May 24th. In March, David Corsi, Diane Gooch, Anna Little and Scott Sipprelle were invited to address the group. On Sunday, Corsi and Little were "uninvited" as the Marlboro Republican Club "leaders" decided only to allow the "party line" candidate to speak.

After a great idea from Charles Measley, David Corsi decided to show up and hand out flyers. In the meantime, the "leaders" apparently were not happy about them being there and called the police saying they were "causing a disturbance."

The police officers who responded were terrific and determined were doing nothing wrong. It's interesting that the initial response officer, upon receiving the call that there was a "ruckus going on," rushed to the scene and almost had an accident. That officer could have been injured just because someone inside the building did not like the fact that Republicans outside of the inner Marlboro GOP circle were outside handing out flyers and telling folks to have a nice evening.

However, some of the attendees going inside were not happy that Dave was being excluded (a good sign for us). All in all, Charles and Dave thought there were approximately 30 people attending the event.

Now can anyone find an irony here? Last fall, the Marlboro GOP was supposed to have an event at the Bella Vista Country Club, and Mayor Hornik pressured the club to cancel that event, because he didn't like the Republican opponents. Now the Marlboro Republicans cancel their "opponent's" appearance for the same reason. No wonder Republicans keep losing in Marlboro.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

NJ Election Law Doesn't Allow Party Endorsements Before a Primary

Interesting article in the NJ Election Statute. 19:34-52 says:

Indorsement of candidate by party committee before primary.
No state, county or municipal committee of any political party shall prior to any primary election indorse the candidacy of any candidate for a party nomination or position.

Should I start making a list of people in violation of this law?