Thursday, July 29, 2010

Anna Little Held a Press Conference During the President's Visit

Mayor Anna Little, Republican Candidate in 6th District held a Press Conference during the President’s visit to address the continuing economic challenges facing many Businesses in New Jersey’s 6th District.

Yesterday, Anna Little, Republican Nominee for Congressional District 6 joined with residents from the 6th district in greeting President Obama in Edison, NJ. After being relocated twice by Secret Service officials, Little made statements to the press via an open demonstration promoting Liberty and Economic Freedom, and outlining the ineffectiveness of economic stimulus legislation to date.

"New Jersey has lost more than 85,000 jobs since Obama entered office in January 2009, and the New Jersey unemployment rate has stagnated at more than 9% since May of 2009,” said Little, with tea party demonstrators at her back. Little continued to explain that President Obama's budget for 2011 generates nearly $10 trillion in cumulative deficits and increases the national debt to 90% of US economic output by 2020.

While tea party demonstrators shouted "Liberty" and "Freedom" along the curbside at Plainfield Avenue and Lincoln Highway (Route 27) in Edison, NJ, Little continued the conference stating, "The stimulus plan obviously has not created jobs in New Jersey, but rather has resulted in debt, deficit and taxes to be paid by our children and grandchildren."

Congressman Frank Pallone along with this administration's bailout sent a trillion US tax dollars to foreign banks on the backs of struggling American families,” stated Little. "A healthy economy depends upon vibrant and successful small business. Free market principles coupled with across the board tax reductions would set the stage for economic growth."

The group joined in singing "God Bless America" before closing the conference.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Obama Visits Edison

President Obama was in Edison, NJ today. He had a "sandwich summit" at the Tastee Sub Shop on Plainfield Ave, where he met with a few local business owners. Of course, this was a great occasion for local conservatives who disagree with his policies to show up and show their discontent.

We set up on the SW corner of Plainfield Ave and Rt 27, a block from Tastee. All corners were full of people, must've been hundreds, but the tea partiers ruled our corner, especially members of the Bayshore Tea Party. Actually, I kept wondering where are the other groups, since only Bayshore seemed to be organized.

Although there was a mix of Obama protesters and opponents, the event was very peaceful. We had many conversations with the radical liberals, but we kept disagreements on topics, not on a personal level. One of them even brought us drinks (tea!) and we all sang kumbaya together. The only incident occurred after people started leaving, when some Obama girls (on drugs, maybe) started yelling racist stuff in one of our friends' face, until the State Police came and removed them.

There was a lot of press embedded in our group, so the secret service had to behave in a civilized manner. The spoke nicely to us, and didn't even push us waaay back, like they pushed two groups of Obama supporters on the opposite corner. When the motorcade drove by, there was loud booing, and waving of American and Gadsden flags. What happened inside Tastee? You'll have to find out from someone who was there. Now here are some pictures:

The Tea Party corner:

The Bayshore Tea Party in the front row:

State police attempting to push back the crowds:

This is still Frank Pallone's district, but not for long:

Getting ready for Obama's arrival. Snipers in position on Tastee's roof, pockets of Obama supporters being pushed back.

The Presidential motorcade arrives. Obama kept the windows shut and didn't acknowledge the crowd. The car with the big antenna is the teleprompter's command center.

A bunch of crazy Obama girls (arguably on drugs) started yelling racist stuff at one of our tea party protesters. The State Police intervened and pushed them aside, but one of them was still struggling and hitting back at the officer.

Off all these hundreds of people, there must have been a stupid liberal anarchist who got himself arrested. Note how everyone has their fists raised, holding their cameras!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Town Halls" Having Negative Connotations for Liberals?

Yesterday, Rep. Rush Holt (NJ-12) was supposed to have a "town hall meeting" at Greenbriar in Marlboro. Well, at the last moment, they changed the name to "press conference" (the new name was taped over the original one). When asked, one of the local organizers said that "town hall has negative connotations".

I checked the definition, and it is: "A town hall meeting is an informal public meeting. Everybody in a community is invited to attend, voice their opinions, and hear the responses from public figures and elected officials."

So which part of this has negative connotations for Rush Holt? Is it the public? The voicing of opinions? Having to give answers? Anyway, the event was supposed to be secret liberal shindig, and the change occurred after Holt's people found out that there will be conservatives in the audience. He would've liked to keep it private, but since he was there in his position of Congressman (so the event was taxpayer-funded), they couldn't deny admission to anybody.

Oh well, and the press conference went really well, Rush Holt took 3 questions from the public, after which he said he has a train to catch and left.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The NAACP and the Tea Party

by Pastor Shannon Wright

As someone who has had the opportunity to participate in both NAACP and Tea Party initiatives I am struggling to see what makes these 2 groups so adversarial. All of the attention focussed here takes us off the real issues and there are many! Instead of working so hard to tear each other down perhaps we should be looking at our shared common ground. Lower taxes is not a race issue, job creation is not a race issue, immigration is not a race issue, quality public education is not a race issue, healthcare that makes sense is not a race issue.

African American voters along with other minorities have been taken for granted and or just over looked for decades as uninterested or unresponsive. Our votes have been based on tradition and propaganda rather than the issues. The Tea Party movement has made it's progress based on what it knows and what it has heard. Perhaps if both sides put aside their preconceived notions and sat together to discuss the issues we would all get farther. We all have far more in common than what we actually differ on. Perhaps if both side would be willing to sit down have have a dialog about the issues we all agree on we could put forward a unified agenda and move forward to identify candidates that fit that agenda based on what really matters, the issues.

For far too long New Jersey has gone down in education, gone down in job creation and retention, and gone up in taxes. Something has to give. If we don't find a way to work together what is going to give is the backs of all the families struggling to raise families and survive in our great state.

To both sides I say remember a house divided cannot stand! Who benefits if we are divided? Not the small business people struggling to do business in New Jersey, not the home owners struggling with ever rising property taxes, not families looking for a good education for their children, and certainly not those who want to see New Jersey thrive.

If I were a conspiracy theorist which I am not, I would say it is the incumbent Democrat that benefits from this division. If they can keep everyone at odds people that do vote in an off year will vote the way they always vote and in New Jersey, a typically blue state you do the math. Hmmm, something to think about isn't it? If we want real change that makes sense we need to change how we operate.

So, to both the NAACP and the Tea Party movement I issue a challenge. Let's set a date and time to get together and discuss the issues. Let's formulate an agenda. Let's invite the Congressional candidates. Let's make this about the issues. Any takers?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Pallone Lies to the People on Their Dime Concerning Government Healthcare Takeover

Congressional Candidate Anna Little Refuses to Accept his Arguments

Highlands, NJ—Congressman Frank Pallone’s most recent “Constituent Update”, paid for by constituents of the 6th District, ostensibly seeks to dispel “myths” about government-run healthcare. Congressional candidate and Highlands Mayor Anna Little agrees with most American citizens that the only myths about the healthcare reform bill are those that Pallone would advocate as truth.

First, Pallone claimed that government healthcare will not lead to rationed care, noting that “reform takes insurance company executives out of the decision making process for your family.” Anna Little has retorted by noting that “the vast majority of people would rather make their health care decisions after consultation with their doctor than with a government bureaucrat”. Mayor Little realizes that a lack of competition among insurance companies has led to today’s broken system and has developed an alternative to Pallone’s disastrous bill:

o Tort reform: Lawsuits, and the “threat” of lawsuits, add tens of billions of dollars to health care costs requiring doctors and hospitals to practice “defensive medicine”.
o Allowing health care insurance providers to sell policies across State lines to increase competition, lower cost and increase availability.
o Demonstrating a real commitment to stopping Medicare and Medicaid fraud, estimated to account for 20% of those programs’ total cost to taxpayers.
o Eliminate taxpayer subsidized health care for those illegally in the United States.
o Encouraging HSAs – Health Savings Accounts, which would put people in direct control of their healthcare, without any third party interference.
o Remove antitrust protection for insurance companies.

While Pallone’s healthcare bill would merely compound the problem, Little’s suggestions would target the root of the crisis and produce genuine, lasting results.

Next, Pallone made the statement, “We can afford healthcare reform”. Mayor Little asks, “Who can afford Healthcare reform?” The taxpayers will bear an increased burden and see a decrease in the quality of healthcare due to a dizzying new array of government bureaucracy and an increase in the number of individuals who have coverage. Because Congress is exempt from abiding by the reform, Frank Pallone can afford healthcare reform. The taxpayers in the 6th District and the rest of the Country, however, cannot.

Little recognizes that “reckless taxing and spending has created a staggering 14 trillion dollar federal debt and a 1.5 trillion dollar budget deficit, both of which are clearly unsustainable. Government has over stepped its bounds, and must be turned back. No more bailouts and corporate welfare; we will not borrow and spend our way to prosperity. I support a balanced budget amendment and the elimination of earmarks and pork barrel spending.”

Mayor Little will continue to fight against this radical healthcare bill and encourages all Americans to do the same: “The current health insurance bills written by Frank Pallone, proposed by both chambers of Congress and signed by the Obama Administration, should be opposed under any circumstance as they will effectively “socialize” our entire health care insurance and medical delivery system and will ultimately create a single payer government run healthcare system…These provisions will bankrupt businesses and increase the double digit unemployment rate in NJ.”