Thursday, July 29, 2010

Anna Little Held a Press Conference During the President's Visit

Mayor Anna Little, Republican Candidate in 6th District held a Press Conference during the President’s visit to address the continuing economic challenges facing many Businesses in New Jersey’s 6th District.

Yesterday, Anna Little, Republican Nominee for Congressional District 6 joined with residents from the 6th district in greeting President Obama in Edison, NJ. After being relocated twice by Secret Service officials, Little made statements to the press via an open demonstration promoting Liberty and Economic Freedom, and outlining the ineffectiveness of economic stimulus legislation to date.

"New Jersey has lost more than 85,000 jobs since Obama entered office in January 2009, and the New Jersey unemployment rate has stagnated at more than 9% since May of 2009,” said Little, with tea party demonstrators at her back. Little continued to explain that President Obama's budget for 2011 generates nearly $10 trillion in cumulative deficits and increases the national debt to 90% of US economic output by 2020.

While tea party demonstrators shouted "Liberty" and "Freedom" along the curbside at Plainfield Avenue and Lincoln Highway (Route 27) in Edison, NJ, Little continued the conference stating, "The stimulus plan obviously has not created jobs in New Jersey, but rather has resulted in debt, deficit and taxes to be paid by our children and grandchildren."

Congressman Frank Pallone along with this administration's bailout sent a trillion US tax dollars to foreign banks on the backs of struggling American families,” stated Little. "A healthy economy depends upon vibrant and successful small business. Free market principles coupled with across the board tax reductions would set the stage for economic growth."

The group joined in singing "God Bless America" before closing the conference.

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