Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Obama Visits Edison

President Obama was in Edison, NJ today. He had a "sandwich summit" at the Tastee Sub Shop on Plainfield Ave, where he met with a few local business owners. Of course, this was a great occasion for local conservatives who disagree with his policies to show up and show their discontent.

We set up on the SW corner of Plainfield Ave and Rt 27, a block from Tastee. All corners were full of people, must've been hundreds, but the tea partiers ruled our corner, especially members of the Bayshore Tea Party. Actually, I kept wondering where are the other groups, since only Bayshore seemed to be organized.

Although there was a mix of Obama protesters and opponents, the event was very peaceful. We had many conversations with the radical liberals, but we kept disagreements on topics, not on a personal level. One of them even brought us drinks (tea!) and we all sang kumbaya together. The only incident occurred after people started leaving, when some Obama girls (on drugs, maybe) started yelling racist stuff in one of our friends' face, until the State Police came and removed them.

There was a lot of press embedded in our group, so the secret service had to behave in a civilized manner. The spoke nicely to us, and didn't even push us waaay back, like they pushed two groups of Obama supporters on the opposite corner. When the motorcade drove by, there was loud booing, and waving of American and Gadsden flags. What happened inside Tastee? You'll have to find out from someone who was there. Now here are some pictures:

The Tea Party corner:

The Bayshore Tea Party in the front row:

State police attempting to push back the crowds:

This is still Frank Pallone's district, but not for long:

Getting ready for Obama's arrival. Snipers in position on Tastee's roof, pockets of Obama supporters being pushed back.

The Presidential motorcade arrives. Obama kept the windows shut and didn't acknowledge the crowd. The car with the big antenna is the teleprompter's command center.

A bunch of crazy Obama girls (arguably on drugs) started yelling racist stuff at one of our tea party protesters. The State Police intervened and pushed them aside, but one of them was still struggling and hitting back at the officer.

Off all these hundreds of people, there must have been a stupid liberal anarchist who got himself arrested. Note how everyone has their fists raised, holding their cameras!

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