Sunday, September 9, 2007

The truth on the melting of the Arctic ice cap

You must probably be sick of all the hype around the melting of the Arctic ice cap. From TV news to children movies, we're assaulted every day with stories about breaking ice at the North Pole, standed polar bears, etc. Maybe we need a reality check.

First, all "historical" data regarding the Arctic ice cap covers only 28 years of the Earth's history, since satellite imaging of the North Pole began in 1979. And what happened before? Well, the ignoramus in the media don't have to read history to be qualified to report this historic news. But most people know about Roald Amundsen trip by boat to the North Pole at the beginning of the century. Oh yes, a hundred years ago, you could go to North Pole on a plain old wooden boat, without satellite weather updates. If you didn't hear about the Northwest Passage, then it's time to research the events of 1905. And aparrently, the polar bears were not extinct and New York didn't get covered by water. The North Pole used to get crossed regularly by boat until the late '40s when the climate got colder and North Pole froze up.

In stupid news, a Russian environmentalist wanted to draw attention to the melting of the ice caps and a few weeks ago, in the middle of August, he got stuck in thick ice...

Friday, September 7, 2007

The recipe for a bad CAFE

This article from the Brookings Institution highlights everything that's bad about the new CAFE regulations. As a political insanity not supported by any economists, it will result in billions of dollars wasted and further job losses in the auto industry.