Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Jersey - A victim to forced unionism

Prof. Mark Perry's blog pointed me to look at some reports about interstate migration. As you can see in this NRWTC newsletter, 7 of the top 8 population gainers are Right to Work states, while 7 of the top 8 population losers have forced unionism laws. Thus, between 2000-2008, New Jersey lost 438,617 people, ranking 5th in the nation.

In another report from United Van Lines, which tracks interstate moves performed by that company, in 2007-2008 New Jersey rank third in outbound migration, 58.7% of the moves being outbound.

Now I wonder if anybody on Obama's team is aware of the effects of forced unionism and if they know that their national forced unionism plans will result in more jobs being sent outside of the US. Any economist knows that forced unions and job creation are incompatible notions.

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