Friday, January 30, 2009

New York Times Mocking Obama's Inauguration?

I usually don't read this kind of publications, but I came across the New York Times and some articles related to the recent presidential inauguration:

The American public is bemused by the tasteless show-biz extravaganza surrounding [the] inauguration today.

There is something to be said for some showiness in an inauguration. But one felt discomfited all the same.

This is an inauguration, not a coronation.

Is there a parallel between [the first lady's] jewel-toned outfit and somebody else's glass slippers? Why limousines and not shank's mare?

It is still unclear whether we are supposed to shout "Whoopee!" or "Shame!" about the new elegance the [couple is] bringing to Washington.

Quite shocking, after such a wonderful onauguration!
But wait! I forgot to check the date! Ooops. That's the New York Times from Jan. 21, 1981, and it's about Reagan's inauguration, still the most watched in history.

(Courtesy of Ann Coulter)

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