Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Democrats Celebrate Sipprelle's and Gooch's Victories

After the Monmouth and Middlesex Republican organizations endorsed Scott Sipprelle and Diane Gooch for Congress, in the 12th and 6th district, the Democrats are celebrating. If the public dislikes something more than Congress, that is Wall Street, and that's exactly what the GOP choose to oppose incumbents Rush Holt and Frank Pallone in the 2 Democrat-leaning districts. It will be total class warfare, and that's exactly what the incumbents were looking for.

This is a message that I received from Dem. consultant Vin Gopal:
"Your party leaders got shown the $$$ - they picked 2 Wall Street candidates who don't resonate with their districts at all. Mr. Sipprelle has such disdain for blogs and new media and people in general and Ms. Gooch's Rumson credentials won't resonate at all in Asbury Park, Plainfield and Keansburg. Between both their donations to Schumer and Pallone, I don't know who did a better job of supporting the Democrats, the candidates running or the party bosses who picked them."


  1. I am sick over this, Chris. Mike should not have bowed out, he could have won. Now we are stuck with the libs for God knows how long.

  2. Celebrating? Dems have already started transferring funds to Holt to help fight off the media blitz by Sipprelle. Pallone has had nothing to worry about before or after Gooch. Doesn't matter who the Republicans nominated, the district is so gerrymandered a Republican has no shot.

    Class warfare? I saw plenty of class warfare from right-wing Bloggers slamming a candidate for being successful, and working on Wall Street over 8 years ago. Sad. Someone leaves Wall Street to live in a small New Jersey town, and we slam him for it. Halfacre had no chance of winning, he did not have the line in a single county and was broke at the end. If you can't fundraise you obviously can't compete, Sipprelle or no Sipprelle.