Monday, March 29, 2010

Sam Thompson's Disgraceful Performance at the Middlesex Convention

On Saturday, Assemblyman Sam Thompson had another classless performance at the Middlesex County GOP convention. After Mike Halfacre's speech, Chairman Joe Leo introduced presumed future Chairman Sam Thompson to nominate Scott Sipprelle. Why did that happen?? At the screening committee, Halfacre beat Sipprelle by 22-14. So Sipprelle was about 10 votes short of being nominated by the county committee. So why did the two party bosses play this game?

Halfacre got sand bagged, and everybody knew about it: Leo, Thompson, Sipprelle. It was all political theater. After all, Sipprelle and Thompson spent the previous night schmoozing at the same table, at the Monmouth County candidates night.

Even worse, Thompson introduced Sipprelle with unnecessary comments on Mike Halfacre's speech: "I'm tired of you questioning this man's (Sipprelle) Republican credentials, dammit!". Thompson almost flipped out when Halfacre won the screening committee, but cursing kind of crosses the line.

Sam Thompson called me a liar when I wrote about convention voters being strong-armed by him into voting for Sipprelle. He spent a week trying to find out who's talking about his doings. This time there were over 700 witnesses. I wonder what his reaction will be this time.

Art Gallagher reported from the convention here and here. Matt Rooney also reported here and here. Mike Illions wasn't present, but he commented on Sam Thompson's disgraceful behavior here.

Convention voter Elaine said:
"Thompson introduced Sipprelle and I thought that was inappropriate because it seemed like he was presenting Sipprelle as the screening committees recommended candidate. Then he berated Mike, in front of the entire convention, because he did not like the type of campaign that Mike is running. And he cursed. It was such an uncomfortable moment, and he was so incredibly rude and out of line. Sam Thompson is indeed a cranky old jerk. He was so incredibly rude and offensive, that my sister and I went to confront him. He cursed and called Mike Halfacre a liar. It was beyond inappropriate."

Jim was also a 12th district voter:
"Hearing Thompson was like hearing Obama. He was a disgrace to Republicans and should be forced to at least apologize or step down. He sheer lack of professionalism when addressing his nomination for Sipprelle and directing the anger that he did at Halfacre was appalling. My wife had to contain me from confronting him in front of the voting body. Pure showing of someone who had a lot at stake if Sipprelle didn't get the nomination. I have to know what "sweetheart deal" Sipprelle made with Thompson."

A Princeton blogger reported:
"Sam Thompson's defense of Scott Sipprelle was inappropriate and a buzzkill. He sounded angry and bitter. He does not inspire much enthusiasm, only frustration."

Another attendee, Ashlee:
"Sipprelle has been the one going extremely negative in the last month. I have gotten numerous letters and phone calls from his campaign pointing out negatives and half truths about Mike. Funny how its now twisted around as Mike is the negative one! Yesterdays convention was a nightmare. I was ashamed to see our so-called leaders rants on stage. Not only Sam Thompson, but Leonard Lance was a shame to the party we belong to."

Tony P. also reports:
"I was there and witnessed the whole scene. I do not condone the actions of Assy Thompson or Chairman Leo. I have seen those tactics used time and time again BUT when you are at the podium you should be absolutely sure that what you say is above board and totally honest."

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