Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Halfacre Would Beat Holt 46%-41%, Sipprelle Would Lose 20%-55%

National Research, the company of Chris Christie's former pollster Adam Geller, conducted probably the first poll about the NJ-12 Congressional race. Most significantly, 39% of the voters want Congressman Rush Holt to be re-elected, while 41% prefer someone else. Geller last polled the district in 2004, when Holt's favorability was 51%-23%.

As it's quite clear that the 12th district voters want someone else instead of Rush Holt, the next questions were about the 2 main Republican contenders.

Mike Halfacre, Mayor of Fair Haven, who cut spending and lowered taxes over the past 3 years, would beat Rush Holt 46%-41%. Scott Sipprelle, a Wall Street millionaire who donated to Chuck Schumer and five House Democrats in 2009, would lose 20%-55%.

National Research polled 300 likely voters and has a margin of error of 5.66%.

The poll's results reflect the spirit of the tea party movement, which mobilized most of the Republican grassroots, and which is leaning more towards a proven tax cutter than simply to a guy with lots of money and no record to run on. Scott Sipprelle very low number against Rush Holt could be explained by the fact that, while the left-leaning voters which make up almost half of the 12th district are dissatisfied with Holt's 12 years record in Congress, they have a general distrust towards Wall Street since the last recession.

It should also be noted that this was not a push poll, but a message test. Also, Adam Geller is a Fox News contributor and is doing internal polling for Mike Halfacre.

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  1. The survey forgot to mention Halfacre saved 40 orphans from a fire and Sipprelle eats babies.

    Come on, this poll is a joke.