Monday, April 5, 2010

Did Sam Thompson's Office Break the Law?

The law of the land is clear. You can not use a taxpayer-funded legislative office to perform ANY kind of campaign work. If you want to see how serious this is, just call Amy Handlin's office, and ask any questions about her future campaign. They'll hang up on you immediately. However, it's rumored that her running mate, Sam Thompson, is not abiding by the same ethics.

It's well-known by now Thompson's active campaigning for Scott Sipprelle in the 12th district. There have been allegations of strong-arming municipal chairmen and other candidates, and there's of course his classless performance at the convention. But new information is coming out. This is coming from sources that prefer to stay anonymous for now:
"Katz’ wife probably broke the law with her campaigning for Sipprelle from Thompson’s legislative office. Someone should OPRA those phone records and time sheets. Check out the time her emails were being sent. They were sent on state time, as I recall. Political activity on state time, from a legislative office... the Middlesex County Prosecutor should look into that."
And another one:
"I was registered to be a delegate and got a call on my cell phone about Sipprelle from someone in Assembly Thompson’s office. I will look at my incoming calls on cell phone bill."

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  1. Interesting, Chris.

    It would not surprise me in the least to hear that Thompson is an ethics violator.