Monday, April 12, 2010

6th District Petition Deadline News

On the day that petitions are due in New Jersey, we have two news in the 6th District, currently held by Frank Pallone:

On the Republican side, Shannon Wright suspended her campaign. She also endorsed the establishment pick Diane Gooch in the primary. This may come as a surprise, as Shannon previously seemed to lean towards a tea party platform.

On the Democrat side, Frank Pallone got a last minute challenger in Middletown's own Mark Falzon. For people who know Mark, this is an even bigger surprise. We'll have more details very soon, but Mark will test the appeal of tea party democrats. A well-known tea party leader, Mark Falzon issued this brief statement:
The Tea Party Movement is not just about Republicans anymore. Get out there and defeat these radicals in their own primaries. We must limit their sacred ground and limit their comfortable ports of call. We can and will assault them from every quarter. We are a true grassroots Movement impacting both parties, tens of millions of us rising to save this beloved nation.

I am preparing myself every way possible for the blistering assault that will be directed my way. I hope and pray many of you will assist, because I sure will need it, this Movement will need it. Follow me please as we take on this crusade of striking the radical leftist in their own heartland.


  1. I think that it is terrific that Mark is running.

  2. Chris, I lost your email. Welcome to the Mob Roll:

    When I get the Jersey link up and running you'll be front and center there.