Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The travesty of Justice in America

So the Duke lacrosse players' ordeal is over. Almost two years of disgracing the idea of justice by that scumbag called Mike Nifong. There was abolsutely no supporting evidence for continuing the case, even more, all evidence was against it, however he continued to pursue this liberal fantasy of rich smart white kids abusing the eternal black victim. Now that the case is over, not only should Nifong be disbarred and indicted for racketeering and intimidation charges, but the accuser should be arrested right away. Remember the Libby case? He was convicted for not remembering the details of one discussion. This girl gave 7 completely different testimonies, and they were all plain lies... and it was not just about a forgotten discussion, but they were all severe accusations made under oath. She said she was raped, then that she wasn't, she mentioned 20 guys, then only 3, she knew their names very well but was unable to pick them from a lineup, she said it was half an hour, then it was only 2 minutes, and so on. And who's gonna pay the families of the innocent students for the millions they spent fighting an unjust judicial process?

This says a lot about the state of Justice in America. These are our prosecutors... Nifong pursuing a losing case, Fitzgerald accusing Libby of a crime that wasn't committed and even if it were, he knew exactly who committed it (liberal darling Richard Armitage). Oh, and that loser who was investigating Tom Delay while making a film about his heroism. So when is Bush going to fire the other 80 attorneys?? What is he waiting for?? He should replace them with some real prosecutors, not the scumbags who apply the agenda.

Why was no prosecutor to investigate Harry Reid's shady land deals? Or New York Times repeated leaks which endangered the national security? Or Sandy Berger for stealing and destroying classified documents? Or Patrick Kennedy for driving while impaired and destruction of property? Or Hussein Obama for using Senate office space for campaign activities, against federal law? Or Mary Mapes and Dan Rather for falsifying national guard documents? Or Michael Isikoff of Newsweek for a deliberate lie which resulted in 15 deaths (it's called inciting to mass murder)? Who's gonna indict Nigong? Why are all those US attorneys still being paid with our tax money?

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