Thursday, April 12, 2007

Is the the end of the Duke lacrosse players story?

Now that the ordeal of the innocent Duke lacrosse players is over, questions still remain. Not only should prosecutor Mike Nifong be disbarred, indicted, and made to reimburse the players' families legal expenses, but Crystal Gail Mangum should be prosecuted and sent to jail. She was a cronic liar, who wanted to destroy innocent lives and, as John Podhoretz said today in NY Post, Let the Liar Be Named and Shamed!

But I heard a very interesting comparison today... After the Duke lacrosse players were smeared and falsely accused, the Duke faculty fired the coach and suspended the entire team. After the Rutgers basketball players were smeared and insultingly accused, the entire faculty stood by them, the entire country stood by them, and Hillary Clinton has already been invited to comfort them. So... where would you rather send your kids to? Duke or Rutgers? Which one is more probable of standing by your kids? Is this again a race issue? Well, it looks like the prediction that someone made when I became an American citizen is very true in America: the white American male is by far the most disadvantaged demographic...

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