Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rush Holt's Middletown Townhall According to Col. Rash

Col. Manly Rash had a series of postings that provide the best view of Rush Holt's Middletown townhall on Aug 26th, both inside and outside.

The Rush to Dissemble - Part 1 presents the atmosphere outside, before the townhall, as well as inside, shortly before Holt's appearance. In the 2nd clip, about 1:15 in, you can see my 2 friends from Middletown taking a stand against liberals who called us "a nation of a-holes".

The Rush to Dissemble - Part 2 describes Rush Holt's speech as well as his first answers. Holt didn't want anybody from the audience to be heard, he had them write down questions, and he chose which ones to answer, and how to read them so they fit him better. But if you listen to him, he doesn't do a very convincing job.

The Rush to Dissemble - Part 3 is the conclusion of the Q&A session. About 6:15 into the clip you can see my friend again who didn't like Holt's idea of not having a dialogue with the constituents. He stood up and asked a simple business question, but Rush Holt obviously doesn't understand business in our country.

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