Thursday, August 27, 2009

More from the Rush Holt / Mike Halfacre Townhalls

I have a few things to add to my initial story on the Middletown townhalls.

First of all, here are two more views on the events:
Grace Cangemi's Report on the Town Hall Meetings
A view from the outside, from someone who also couldn't get to talk to their representative.

Mr. Bingley's "Because We Won"
He was lucky to get in and provide interesting insights into Rush Holt's townhall. The title of his article is actually Holt supporters' answer to the question "Why are you forcing this plan on us?"

Somehow, Rush Holt made Frank Pallone look like an open-minded, graceful, loveable guy. Pallone picked a 500-seat building, and stood there for 5 hours, until everyone who lined up was able to get inside. He also allowed anybody to get the microphone and speak whatever was on their mind. Holt, on the other side, picked a 238-seat auditorium, did only one session, and he didn't want anybody to speak. He took questions on pieces of paper and chose which one he wanted to answer to.

I also got a few more pictures of myself and other people, while waiting outside.

With our great RWE, Synnove

With Grace, the author of the report mentioned above

With our future Congressman, Mike Halfacre

RIP Teddy Kennedy

Finally, I was puzzled by what's Lyndon LaRouche up to. He's a radical marxist, who founded the Labor Party and ran 7 times for the presidential nomination (6 being for the Democrats), a far-left conspiracy theorist nutjob, and yet his people were there at the meeting, showing some of the most aggresive pictures, that you can see below. What's his beef? He thinks Obama is not communist enough??

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