Sunday, August 23, 2009

Comments and Questions about the Health Care Bill

As we're beginning a busy week of protesting ObamaCare in Monmouth County, we should be ready to ask our representatives (Frank Pallone and Rush Holt) specific questions about the content of this bill. Fortunately, someone took extra time to compile everything into a documents that you can download here.

Here is a brief selection of questions that should be asked:

Will you cancel your government provided Congressional health care program and sign up for this new health care plan that you are going to force on the rest of America? A simple one word answer would be appreciated – Yes or No

How can we afford such a huge debt increase, and it’s impact on the US Dollar, stock market and economy?

Do you believe that HR3200 will help or hurt New Jersey’s pharmaceutical industry, and New Jersey’s unemployment rate?

Why did Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee vote against the Deal Amendment that would have prevented health care benefits being delivered to illegal aliens

Will the “end of life” counseling in HR 3200 encourage Seniors to refuse life-prolong medical procedures?

Can you explain the purpose of the “end of life counseling” and walk us through how it will work?

Under what circumstances can the government order, or ‘recommend’ an “end of life plan”?

What will you do to protect small business struggling in this recession from further taxation?

Why have you failed to include tort reform in the health care bill? Do you support medical malpractice tort reform?

Do you support revoking government restrictions that currently do not allow purchasing insurance across states?

Why are you trying to legislate health care system like a failed socialist Canadian health care system?

Have you read HR3200 in its entirety?

Can you guarantee that nothing in HR3200 will prevent us from keeping our current insurance plan as it is, today, five years from now, ten years from now, and beyond, even if our employer changes plans under some requirement of the bill?

Does giving Government the right to electronically access bank accounts violate privacy acts? Government employee access to personal info is a violation of HIPPA + other laws?


  1. You really don't know what an end of life plan is? Let me ask you: if you were diagnosed with a terminal disease, would you be ok with your last moments being hooked up to a ventilator, or do you want o be able to speak just before you die? Surely you have an opinion about this. Surely you'd like your family to know what that is. Sarah Palin recommended that everyone do this during her Alaskan Healthcare Day, so surely it's a good idea!

  2. Oh Marie, you don't know what an "end of life" plan means in socialized healthcare? It means that say if you're 65 and you get a treatable cancer, that treatment can be considered too expensive compared to your residual value to the society, and instead you'll be offered a plan involving pain killers.

  3. Where does it say that in any bill? And if you already know the answer why are you asking the question?

  4. I want Frank Pallone and Rush Holt to spell it out so people can know. Lots of people think this is just fearmongering. I'm originally from Europe, so I've seen how it works, and it's as true as it gets.

  5. So just because "Europe" does this, we will too? And even if so, do all countries in Europe operate under the same plan? (When I lived there I noticed no such thing). And again, point me to the language in any bill currently before Congress that says what you are alleging. You seem quite confident, surely you must have it somewhere.

  6. And who says the "government health plan" will be FORCED on the rest of America? How many times have we heard the President say "If you like the plan you have, you can keep it"? Sorry, but I really do think you are fearmongering--just these two questions are not at all based in fact and just on what you are scared of. Change is scary, I get it. But keep the disagreements and worries to the facts. And finally, do you think the health insurance system is good as it is? Because it isn't. We don't have the best healthcare in the world--not even close. It's embarrassing. Being from Europe, you have probably noticed that people live longer there and have a higher infant survival rate. And everyone has access to decent healthcare. Not here.

    So what do you propose? I get that you don't like what's currently before Congress right now, as is your right. So let's hear the alternate plan for saving the system. Because right now, it's untenable.

  7. Marie, European countries operate under various Government-run plans, and they're all pretty bad. There no indication that US going to Government-run healthcare would be the only exception in the world.

    You asked why will this be forced. Think about it. You don't pick your health insurance, it's your employer who does it, right? So as a business, why would you bother dealing with health insurers, with all the negotiation, overheads and wasted resources, when it's much easier to just pass everything to the Government plan? When Obama says "If you like the plan you have, you can keep it" it's because he has no clue about what happens in the country. He's been for so long on the federal healthcare plan. And btw, no member of Congress would give up his plan and switch to the new one they're giving us.

    And no, people don't live longer in Europe. Wait times are huge. Here if you get fall and get injured, tomorrow you go to a doctor, and in 2 days you get an MRI. In France or Germany, you wait 3-4 days to go to a doctor, and then 3-6 months for the MRI. You'll probably be well again by the time you get tested. I have a friend in Europe who's an athlete, and if he gets injured, he'd rather buy a ticket and fly here and pay for an MRI or Cat scan, rather than enjoying the free one his country is providing.

  8. I disagree that that will be the result of the plan, bit we can agree to disagree on that. And what do you mean Obama has no idea how healthcare is sun in this country? He hasn't been on government for THAT long. And if he won;t give up his own Government health plan that is so good--What? So it is really good? I'm so confused. And check the CIA Factbook for life expectancy and infant mortality rates in the US. Go ahead, it's ugly news. So again, what is the alternate plan to change the system? Just leave the poor to die? Because I'm starting to think that's really what all this negativity is about.

  9. 1. Regarding life expectancy. When you adjust expectancy for non-health-related deaths (like accidents and homicides), US ranks at the very top. Check out the chart below:

    2. Regarding the poor. They are already covered under Medicaid.

  10. 1. And that is from....where, exactly? It just says "standardized mean"--no backing up. And what about infant mortality? That is a direct result of poor prenatal care. Maybe I'm more aware of this as I am under maternity care now, but many insurance plans do not offer adequate maternity coverage. So the most innocent among us have the very worst start in life. Certainly not helpful toward getting a highly educated, healthy workforce.

    2. Only certain poor people, the very poor. And what happens when your insurance denies you coverage and you AREN'T poor? That could happen to you or me or anyone. What will you do in that situation? If you have cancer you don't have the energy to be filling out forms and staying on hold with different agencies to figure this stuff out. And you will probably lose your job because you are so sick, so being employed helps not at all in that situation. So your spouse makes enough that you don;t qualify for medicaid, but your bills are now 20,000 and getting higher every day. So what does one do? Foreclosure, usually.

    So, yet again, where is the alternative plan?