Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Race is On: Mike Halfacre to Challenge Rush Holt

Today, Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre officially launched his campaign for New Jersey's 12th district, against incumbent Rush Holt. Mr. Halfacre appeared at a press conference in Fair Haven surrounded by most local elected officials: Sen. Jen Beck, Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon, Assemblywomen Caroline Casagrande and Mary Pat Angelini, Freeholders Lilian Burry and Rob Clifton, as well as many township committeemen from Fair Haven, Oceanport, Rumson, Middletown and more.

Mr. Halfacre spoke about Rush Holt's lack of record in issues that matter for New Jersey, not even speaking about his own district (where he can't even point all cities on a map). As the mayor said, "Rush Holt voted for the AIG bonuses before he voted against them". Holt voted for all the bailout bills, but never found time to fight for the Fort Monmouth or for the cleaning of Branchport Creek. While Holt was easily spending taxpayer money, Mayor Halfacre kept reducing taxes, being one of the few New Jersey municipalities that were able to do this in recent years.

Mike Halfacre might face a primary challenge from '08 candidate Alan Bateman, who lost by 30%. Halfacre already raised more money than Bateman raised in his entire campaign (he raised $36k opposed to over a million by Holt). It's hard to campaign when you're largely outspent, but Halfacre's campaign manager previously helped Sen. Beck to win while outspent 5-to-1.

For more updates on Mike Halfacre's campaign, check out his website - www.MikeHalfacre.com
Here are a few pictures from the press conference in front of the Fair Haven Borough Hall:

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