Monday, July 20, 2009

Healthcare Information - Your Future Health Depends on This

I received this message from Dorothy Albala, VP of the Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce:

Code Blue: Get your Clients Involved in the Health Care Debate

For this week's Operation Shout, we are asking you to get your clients involved! As you know, comprehensive health care reform reaches far beyond insurance agents, brokers and consultants, and it is important for members of Congress to hear from everyone.

We have created three different client Operation Shouts that you can forward to your clients to get them involved. The first letter is to voice their concerns about a government-run public plan option. The second letter is to tell Congress that they think employers should be able to continue to decide what health benefits they can afford to provide to their employees. And the final letter is for them to urge their members of Congress to allow Americans to truly keep their current health insurance coverage.

Along with this week's Operation Shout letters, we will also be providing a client version of the Washington Update. Tomorrow when you receive the Washington Update, look for the client version attached as a Word document so that you can edit it yourself and send it out to your clients.

Thank you for all of your support during these Operation Shouts!

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