Monday, July 13, 2009

Obama/Corzine Protest on July 16 (Thu) at the PNC ArtsCenter

There are several groups planning to protest at the Obama/Corzine rally at the PNC ArtsCenter this Thursday, July 16, around 2pm.

A Middletown group will be meeting around 1pm at the Vietnam Memorial inside the ArtsCenter. Corzine's website says: "Due to security concerns, we ask everyone to arrive by 1pm. We expect the event to end by approximately 5pm."

Let's hope they'll let us get to the Memorial parking lot. Easiest way is from the Parkway's southbound Exit 116, keep right until you see the sign to the Memorial. I'm sure security will try turning people away, but the Memorial is a public monument so they SHOULD let us get there.

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