Thursday, August 3, 2006

Reflections of an over-heated brain

It's 96 degrees here in Middletown. Only one thing is on my mind... Al Gore tells us that temperatures rose 0.8 degrees since the '60s (why then? because they've been declining before that, until, you know, the Big Industrial Revolution of the 1960s). I can only dream of the relief of a 95.2 temperature right now, which would be very possible if man wouldn't have destroyed our climate.

And I'm faced with another dilemma. At the current rate, July 2107 could be 98.4 degrees!!! So what do I do? Should I stop driving, and accept an economical slowdown of about 10-15%, leading to bankruptcies and recession, just so my grand-grand-grand-kids don't bake at that awful temperature?

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