Tuesday, August 1, 2006

The Liberals War on Science

Today, throngs of liberal activists are praying that the New Year temperature will establish a new record for this day, surpassing the previous record set in 1933. Do you really understand what that mean? Since according to the Liberal Bible, global temperatures are directly influenced by human activity and industrial production, it means that today, August 1st, 2006, we could reach the industrial and human levels of 1933! That's great news for the progress of our country!

We don't know what the weather will be like tomorrow, yet liberal activists know what it will be like in 100 years. Check the weather forecasts in the morning, and you won't know the exact temperatures at noon, except for a range of 5-10 degrees, yet Al Gore knows precisely, to a 1/2 degree, what the temperature will be in 2050. You wonder how they come up with their "precise numbers"? There are tons of climate models right now, each of them predicting a wide range of temperatures 50 years from now. Let's say we have Model 1, which predicts a temperature variation of -2 to 0 degrees. Model 2, with -1.5 to 1.5 and Model 3, with -2 to 3. Liberals will obviously pick model 3, and announce its upper margin of +3 degrees as scientific proof of global warming. And New York Times tomorrow will have a big warning on the front page: Scientific Consensus Shows 3 Degrees Increase in 50 years.

What liberals will never look at is past information. We've had climate models since the '60s, and liberals have also picked the highest value in the highest model, while ignoring that actual temperature variations are somewhere in the middle of the predicted models. But they base all their science on "junk science", conspiracy theories and so on. They ignore and refuse to accept any kind of real scientific research. They are at war with real sciences like climatology, biology, medicine, chemistry, history, etc.

I'm planning to do a Grand Canyon trip in September, and I searched for some information on average temperatures for that area. Here's what I found as Hottest Temp of the Year:
1990: 119 F
1992: 115 F
1994: 116 F
2002: 115 F

We notice that for 12 years, it went down 4 degrees. If it continues like this, by 2025 the Canyon will freeze!! Shouldn't Al Gore, the Sierra Club and other extremists be worried about this??

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