Thursday, August 17, 2006

Isn't democracy for everyone?

I heard today on the radio an argument that's pretty often used by liberals when they attack the US policies in the Middle East: that the Iraqis have been involved in clan warfare for thousands of years and that's all they know and democracy would never work for them.

Well... let's see... America has never been a democracy before 1776. For hundreds , maybe thousands of year, it had been a battlefield for tribal wars and foreign mercenaries who ravaged the lands. However, in about 10 years the world's most succesful democracy was established. France wasn't a democracy until the middle of last century. Spain had never been a democracy until the death of Franco in 1975, but after 3 years, a democratic governament was established. Israel has almost 5 thousands years of anarchy, lack of government and wars, heavily documented, until 1948, and it took a few years to become the first democracy in the Middle East. Russia was never a democracy until the early 1990s, and I think they are still building it.

So, as you see, each people had its own time to switch to democracy. What the liberal think is that some peoples are not worthy of a democratic rule, and they should never been democratized. It's one of their basic philosophies, that you must keep your minions feeling inferior, so you can rule over them. Happens here with the minorities, happens anywhere in the world.

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