Friday, February 19, 2010

Shannon Wright Launches Campaign Against Frank Pallone (NJ-6)

February 15, 2010 – Plainfield, NJ – Community leader Shannon Wright officially launched her campaign for New Jersey’s 6thCongressional District with a tour of the district.

Prior to her first visit of the day, Wright commented, “Today we begin a journey to correct the damage the establishment in Congress has caused us over the last several years. We sent our Representatives to do our work, but instead they decided to do the work of PACs, lobbyists, and the extremists that have taken over government”.

Wright concluded her brief remarks by saying, “Before we can solve healthcare, a broken economy, runaway spending, urban renewal, and education, we must change Washington. Change is not just a Democrat or Republican theme; it’s the theme of the thousands of people in the 6th Congressional District who have misrepresented for far to long.”

Campaign Advisor Corey Maness, stated, “We will be running a strong campaign against the record of Frank Pallone, Nancy Pelosi, and many others.”

Shannon’s experience enables her to best fight for more and better paying jobs, a more robust economy, a stronger health care system, and community-oriented solutions to our country’s most pressing problem such as education, crime, and the environment.

Born in White Plains, New York, Shannon moved to East Orange, New Jersey at age five. After graduating from high school in Berkeley Heights, Shannon went on to attend Virginia State University for a Bachelor’s Degree in business communication and economics. Shannon continued her education at New York University earning a certification in Peer Assistance Mediation and is currently working on a certification in Public Policy.

After pursuing a career in retail, Shannon decided to turn her focus to working in her community. Since making this commitment, Shannon has been a community leader, civic organizer, and passionate advocate for those who are in most need of it. In 1999, Shannon and her husband, Michael Wright, founded Signature Solutions a strategic planning and advocacy firm. Some of the many organizations she has assisted are Summit Child Care, American Diabetes Association, Consolidated Finance, Thruway Insurance, and the Grace and Mercy World Outreach.

Shannon also had the opportunity to serve as 1st Vice President of The Yonkers New York Branch NAACP in January 2002. During her tenure she was one of the lead negotiators for a landmark housing and education desegregation case against the Board of Education and the City of Yonkers, N.Y. The case ended with a $300 million dollar settlement with proceeds going to helping the many disaffected citizens of Yonkers.

In 2004, Shannon was ordained Reverend of the church and made her radio debut on WKMB 1070 AM Know Your Community with former Plainfield Mayor Rev. Richard L. Taylor. On this show, Shannon provides timely information for the community.

Since September 2006, Pastor Wright has served as the Youth Commissioner for the city of Plainfield. This sparked her keen interest in local politics and has since worked on various local, state, and national campaigns. She was an active supporter of Governor Chris Christie, but has shown an ability to work with both parties. She even considered running for governor in 2009, before deciding to support Governor Christie.

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