Monday, February 1, 2010

NJ-6: Diane Gooch's Husband Funded her Opponent's Campaign

It's now confirmed that the NJ GOP is really interested in having Diane Gooch run against Frank Pallone in NJ's 6th district. I don't know much about Mrs. Gooch, except that her family is wealthy, they own the Two River Times, and she is a vice-president of the Monmouth Republican Committee. Her political positions are pretty much unknown, as she is mostly known around the county only for writing big checks to the Committee.

I can't say much else until she talks on the issues. Until then, I can only be afraid that she's yet another person who thinks she can buy a Congressional seat, like Jon Corzine (or, more recently, Scott Sipprelle). She hasn't been involved in politics so far (except for writing those checks), but she's willing to put $2 million dollars in the campaign against Frank Pallone, who has the most cash on hand from all incumbents - $4 millions.

Now speaking of Pallone's treasure chest, here's a very interesting tidbit. Diane's husband, Michael Gooch, has donated $4,000 to Pallone in 2008. (besides $4,800 to other Democratic candidates, and compared to only $2,300 to Republicans). He donated another $2,400 to Pallone (who's one of the sponsors of the healthcare bill) in March 2009, as well as another $8,000 to other Democrats over the same year (Republicans got $4,900 of Gooch money last year).

I'm sure this will become a major campaign issue. It's not always that a candidate's spouse heavily contribute to the candidate's opponent.

Other possible Republican candidates in the 6th District are Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini, former freeholder Bil Barham, Pastor Shannon Wright and Leigh-Anne Bellew.

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  1. Well...that's going to be tough to defend...your spouse sending money to your opponent. Not exactly a way to consistently express opposition. As for the other candidates...Leigh-Anne Bellew ran against Pallone once before...and lost. Bill Barham is a nice guy, but decided to step down when things got tough on the Freeholders board in Monmouth. I can't speak to Pastor Shannon Wright...don't know much about her...

    I do know Mary Pat Angelini probably has the best over credentials to be a good candidate. I think the toughest challenge for any of the candidates is how well they will appeal to independent voters in Middlesex county.

    Should be an interesting race...!!!