Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scott Sipprelle: Democrat or Republican?

Self-proclaimed Wall Street insider was donating to House Dems only months ago

Tom Fitzsimmons, campaign manager for 12th District Republican Congressional candidate Mike Halfacre, today questioned why self-proclaimed Wall Street insider Scott Sipprelle was making donations to five Congressional Democrats just seven months ago, in June of 2009.

"Last June was the height of the battle for Congressional Republicans," said Fitzsimmons. "The Democrats had rammed through the stimulus, cap and trade was being debated, government-run health care was on the table- and in the middle of all that, Scott Sipprelle made donations to not one, not two, but five separate Democrats."

Fitzsimmons continued "It begs the question: why? Why, in the heat of the battle against the unprecedented Pelosi/Reid/Obama agenda of government expansion, would he give money to the enemy if he opposes that agenda? And more importantly, why should voters in a Republican primary support a Wall Street insider who, seven months ago, was hedging his bets by donating to Democrats? Scott Sipprelle has a lot of explaining to do."

Fitzsimmons pointed out that of the five- Allen Boyd Jr., FL-2; Charles Melancon, LA-3; Heath Shuler, NC-11; Barron Hill, IN-9; Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, SD-1:

  • three voted for cap and trade (which passed by two votes)
  • three voted for the bloated stimulus package
  • four voted to increase national debt limit (which passed by one vote)
  • one voted for the healthcare bill

Fitzsimmons also noted that Sipprelle made the donations after Governor Chris Christie had emerged as the winner of the Republican gubernatorial primary.

"At the time we had an historic opportunity to elect a Republican Governor in New Jersey, one who needed to raise money to defeat the Corzine attack machine, and Scott Sipprelle gives more money to Democrats in Congress than he does to Chris Christie. I think that speaks volumes about what kind of "Republican" Scott Sipprelle really is."

Fitzsimmons concluded by saying "Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts on Tuesday showed once again that voters want someone with the courage of their convictions to go to Washington and oppose the Pelosi/Reid/Obama agenda. Mike Halfacre will go to Washington and oppose that agenda at every turn; Scott Sipprelle was supporting it just seven months ago. The choice for District 12 voters, in June and in November, is now clear.

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