Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown Wins The “People’s Senate Seat”

Bayshore Tea Party Press Release
January 19, 2010

Another Bayshore Tea Party Group’s victory in our battle to
Take Back America

The Bayshore Tea Party Group, and other National and NJ Tea Party groups, have been working with Scott Brown’s team for nearly 2 months, long before the media or national GOP knew his name. The Tea Parties have sent Patriots by car, bus and train to Massachusetts to work for Scott and the American people. We have been calling Massachusetts voters with Scott’s web based calling system. We have been donating money via the internet donation system. He has been getting over a $1,000,000 in donations per day. These systems will be used in our next elections battles.

We have been working with national groups who share the same goals as the Bayshore Tea Party Group, such as the NRA-ILA, GOA-PVF and RTL. We all wanted to win the People’s Seat. It feels like 1992-93 all over again, but as a National Coalition this time. It is widely acknowledged that the Tea Parties won back the People’s Seat, not the Republican Party.

Just like King George, The Political Ruling Class must recognize that there is a Revolution against Obama’s Socialist policies, closed door legislative creation, and outright bribes for votes. We never thought Obama could make the GOP viable again in less than a year. But the GOP must have Tea Party approved candidates. RINOs will not be allowed anymore. We had enough RINO lies.

We don’t know if the GOP understands the message. Half of the MA and NJ voters are
independents – not Democrats and not Republicans…. all the polling shows that these voters are Tea Party folks … so wake up GOP or face a Third Party. If we have to form a Third Party, the GOP will become another Whig Party.

The 2009 Tea Party Revolt has turned into a 2010 Tea Party Revolution. The NJ Democrats Socialists and RINOs better start their job search – it takes a long time to find a job in the Obama Economy.

A Special Note to Comrades Rush Holt and Frank Pallone: YOU ARE NEXT!

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