Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chris Christie Names Liberal Paula Dow for AG

Governor-elect Chris Christie named today Essex County Prosecutor Paula Dow as his AG.

For many, it's just another disappointing move from Christie. Dow is a Democrat, and is known as a bleeding-heart liberal. Her record shows she's just one of those liberals who are reluctant to prosecute crime, for various social reasons. Here are some examples (I'm sure many more will surface in the following days):

September 2009 - A man whose long and violent record includes killing a witness to one of the bloodiest crimes in Newark's modern history was sentenced just on weapons charges, to a maximum 10 years in prison. Paula Dow agreed to drop the murder charge and recommend Michael Melvin be sentenced to no more than 16 years in prison.

August 2007 - Dow declined to arrest the suspect in a schoolyard shooting that left three college students dead. The NY Times article highlights the strained relations between police (that gets criminals off the street) and prosecutors (that lets them back on the street) in Newark:
Some officials in Newark Police Headquarters and City Hall, who have complained in the past about Ms. Dow’s reluctance to make arrests in murder cases that rely on a single eyewitness.
This is not acceptable in a very high crime area lie Newark.

June 2009 - She failed to get a indictment against Jose Gabriel Vega, who shot a man last year in Newark.

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