Thursday, October 22, 2009

Protesting Obama and Corzine at FDU

Yesterday, on Oct 21st, Obama made his second visit to NJ to endorse Jon Corzine for Governor... A national failure coming to endorse a local failure. Like last time, at the PNC Arts Center, a few groups came to protest both guys, although now it was more focused on Corzine.

I hooked up with a few College Republicans coming from all over the state and we met at BCRO, which was impressive, a huge HQ with dozens of phones, lots of space for meetings, and tons of volunteers working. After we got about 15 people, we drove as close to FDU as we could - which was right across the road. Our "mascot" was George dressed up as a chicken. The Chicken had two meanings... one was that he was representing Corzine, who chickened out of disclosing his campaign contributions, one was that he was holding up a sign saying "Cluck-U Corzine!"

Me and the one, the only, the Chicken!

As we were looking for a place for our protest, we first passed by a group of people with "Support our Troops" signs. I insisted there's something fishy, but we ended up stopping to talk to them. First of all, they told us not to take their pictures. Why? Because we are fascists. Actually, they called me fascist about 4-5 times (or was it 7?). I asked why and they couldn't say, they just told me I'm a fascist, that's all. One lady pointed to my sign, and said "that's why". My sign read "Obama, welcome to Corzine's retirement party". I tried to find out what was fascist about it, but still no answer. We suggested that support for the troops is a bipartisan issue, but they said it's not, because we are fascists. They asked us to take OUR picture, so they can show the press what kind of fascists Chris Christie is sending. To make things clear, I was aware of that group, it's some kind of far-left communists, the kind that think Obama is a right-wing nut. And they all looked like the hippies protesting the war in the 60s, only that they haven't shaved, bathed or changed clothes ever since. The next group we saw were the ubiquitous Lyndon La Rouch freaks. What can be weirder than a group of black guys holding up a big poster of Obama as Hitler?

Finally, the biggest group were our tea party friends, mostly from the Hackensack area, about 30-40 of them, with the usual anti-socialist, pro-freedom signs and the yellow flags. We joined forces with them for the rest of the day, and more and more people joined us on the corner of the access road into FDU. The College Republicans put up a fun protest, with music and dancing (by the Chicken, of course). They had bullhorns, so we could chant pretty loud, favorite chants being "Two more weeks", "Bye Bye Corzine", "Goldman Sachs / Take him back", and of course the "Na-na-na-nah, hey-hey-hey good bye!".

The Chicken Dance

Most of the cars apssing by were honking, and waving at us in support. There were about 3 cars that shouted obscenities at us and interestingly enough, all 3 of them were Priuses. But we had fun, and many others, young and old joined us for about 2 hours. Even some EMT guys who were standing nearby came to us to take pictures. At one point, a Hackensack police officer came to us and told us city ordinances prohibit the use of bullhorns, and asked us not to use them anymore. We asked if being dressed as a chicken is against any ordinance, and he said that no, it's hysterical, and he would take a picture with us if he weren't in uniform.

Around 5:30, all traffic was stopped and it became eerily quiet (good occasions for us to chant our slogans). After a few minutes, we realized that the POTUS would take another access road into FDU, and we all marched to the next corner. Lot more people joined us, mostly workers from the nearby stores. The motorcade showed up, and from his limo I'm sure Obama saw us and heard us, since we were shouting as loud as we could. And then he went in, and he addressed the bused-in union members telling them how great Corzine is, and that if we want him to continue his failed policies, we should vote him again.
Tea partiers lined up to wait for the President

Lyndon LaRouche freaks

I didn't go to many anti-Obama protests, but this was definitely the best. The College Republicans (the best party on campus) put up a good show, and although I know this doesn't accomplish anything, it's a way of showing people and the media that not everybody is in awe of the Messiah, and more and more Americans disagree with him.

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