Thursday, October 29, 2009

Meet DeMaurice Smith, the New Football Czar

I think not too many people are aware that the director of the NFL Players Association is for the first time not a player, but DC attorney and Obama friend DeMaurice Smith. So indeed we now have an NFL Czar. The players union, last led by Gene Upshaw, has always been directed by players, until this political appointment. DeMaurice Smith worked for Washington lobbyists, for Eric Holder's DOJ, and was a part of Obama's transition team. Last year, he contributed $3,300 to Obama's campaign.

FYI, he was the one who opposed Rush Limbaugh's involvement with the St Louis Rams. The players contract expires next year, and DeMaurice Smith threatened with a strike in case Limbaugh is allowed to invest in the Rams.

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