Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ted Stevens WAS a Victim of the Democratic Character Killing Machine

We all remember the well publicized scandal regarding Sen. Ted Stevens' trial and conviction. It resulted in him losing his Senate seat in a battle he shouldn't have had any problem with. And now, 5 months after the elections, it turns out the prosecutors case was a total lie. The judge dismissed the conviction and the prosecutors are under investigation.

I don't know how anybody can't be outraged about this. The democrats killed his reputation. Destroyed his political career. All to get their party closer to a filibuster-proof majority. And now that it's been proven to be a lie, nobody cares. You could barely get this news from the media.

I bet the prosecutors went to the same school that the Duke lacrosse players prosecutor did. It's the same tactic, flood the media with lies, no matter what happens. It also worked with Scooter Libby. Sometimes it can work, sometimes not, and in the best case the prosecutors end up disbarred, but only after completing their heinous mission.

Will the new Sen. Bagich quit and ask for a new election? Will democrats apologize? Will the mainstream media at least report this?? No way. It's part of the dirty political strategy that the democrats have been following for decades.

I'm just disgusted.

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