Thursday, September 28, 2006

Liberals again at war with Economics

Remember when the oil and gas prices were going up? Democrats claimed it's Big Oil's conspiracy to pump up their profits. Bush and Halliburton were giving a hand. Now that oil and gas prices are falling it's again Bush's "fault".

Maybe we have to think what is the root cause of all these lunatic conspiracy theories. It's because liberals are in open war against any kind of science, including Economics. They don't understand the principles of offer and demand. They don't understand price dynamics. These are concepts they can't grasp. And this is because they are all Marxist who don't believe in free economy and who have the strong conviction that the Government drives all the aspects of the economy. You think this is crazy? It's not. Remember in the spring, when the liberals wanted laws to control the gasoline prices? When they wanted a windfall tax on oil companies profits? Everything comes from their economy handbook - that's "Capital" by Marx. As long as that's their economic Bible, they'll never understand what a free economy is.

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