Monday, September 11, 2006

Lessons learned from the Path to 9/11 movie

Here are some comments about ABC's Path to 9/11 movie. The movie didn't show anything we didn't know, but it's quite rare for the MSM to admit anything else than 'BUsh caused 9/11' or '9/11 was staged by the CIA and the Zionists'. These are some elements that everybody can learn (or remember) from watching this semi-documentary:
1. An FBI agent tells his arab informer: "The Justice Department won't hold anyone if you don't blow your cover to testify. People have a right to be protected from domestic spying". The arab guy responds: "Don't they have a right to be protected from terrorists who want to kill 250,000 americans in one day?"
2. Just take a look at Ramzi Yousef, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other terrorists, their depraved lifestyle while plotting to mass-murder thousands of innocent people. These are the people to whom the liberals want to give US Constitutional rights.
3. The second biggest threat to national security, next to the muslim terrorists, are the lawyers. It's because of them that most inteligence operations never got finalized and ultimately they are accomplice to the 9/11 mass murders.
4. Madeleine Albright (or, as friends call her, Halfbright) considered that, after Osama bin Laden's operatives attacked the US embassies in Africa, launching retaliatory strikes against him would be offensive to the sovereign state of Afghanistan and would raise numerous international implications. Apparently, she didn't find any implications in attacking Serbia, although that country never attacked America and never sent terrorist groups around the world.
5. A discussion between two fed-up FBI agents: "Do you think Osama has a mole at FBI?" "He doesn't need one, hes got all of us".
6. A laptop recovered by Fillipinos foiled the Bojinka plot. Another laptop captured from terrorists foiled the Millenium plot. US lawyers denied law enforcement to investigate arrested terrorist Zacharias Moussaoui's laptop, which led to the full execution of the 9/11 plot. I'm not wondering whether those lawyers can sleep at night, but I wonder why Justice didn't indict them for treason against national security?? It's only at that point that you understand those comments from the FBI agents at the beginning of the movie: "Thank God the Filippinos found that laptop. If it were here, it would have been out of touch".
7. It takes a semi-documentary to get a movie to put Arabs in the roles of terrorists. Although Muslim Arabs make up about 99.5% of terrorists in history, for the past 10 years baddies in movies are Russians, neo-Nazis, people with Eastern European accent, religious groups, Colombians, the US Government, snakes and so on. Combined, these groups have committed less than 0.1% of terrorist acts throughout history, yet Hollywood keeps picturing them as the culprits.

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