Thursday, December 15, 2005

So what are the stem-cells good for?

It's about 4 years since George Bush became the first ever President to authorize federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research, and we're still waiting for proof that they are worth researching. What seemed to be one of the stem-cells activists' best chance just got busted, as a stem-cell pioneer admitted to faking data and withdrew his paper.

For everyone whining about stem-cell research being illegal, please note that only federal funding (that is tax-payer contributions) is somehow restricted, but there is absolutely no restriction on state funding and, more important, private funding. And adult stem-cell research funding is not prohibited by any kind of law. Looking back at history, few medical and science advances (something below 1%) was made with Government money, the rest being the result of private research. Note that the medical industry spends about 2 billion dollars every year on sexual enhancement products like Viagra, and almost 1 billion on treatments for baldness. Why? Because they see results in that area, and interest from their customers. I wonder, if embryonic stem-cells are such a gift from God which will cure all diseases, why aren't medical companies investing more than a few millions every year on this type of research?

And by the way, all the current practical applications of stem cells are using adult stem cells, from adult individuals, without the need to kill anyone. All the buzz made about the embryonic stem cells is just another piece of liberal nuts propaganda.

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