Saturday, April 9, 2011

Legislative Races in Monmouth County

By now, we have a pretty clear picture of what are the races for State Senate and Assembly this year in Monmouth County. Here they are:

11th District
Senate: Jennifer Beck (R) vs Ray Santiago (D)
Assembly: Mary Pat Angelini & Caroline Casagrande (R) vs Vin Gopal & Marilyn Schlossbach (D)

12th District
Senate: Sam Thompson (R) vs Bob Brown (D)
Assembly: Rob Clifton & Ronald Dancer (R) vs Catherine TinneyRome & ?? (D)

13th District
Senate: Joe Kyrillos (R) vs Christopher Cullen (D)
Assembly: Declan O'Scanlon & Amy Handlin (R) vs Kevin Lavan & Patrick Short (D)

30th District
Senate: Robert Singer (R) vs Steve Morlino (R)
Assembly: Sean Kean & Dave Rible (R) vs Howard Kleinhelder & Shaun O'Rourke (D)

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