Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An Afternoon at Frank Pallone's Open House

Aug 16, 4pm, Congressman Frank Pallone hosted an open house at his Long Branch office. About 30 tea partiers gathered outside to protest, while 25-30 people gathered on the porch and in the hallway hoping to see their representative. While waiting on the alley, there was very little evidence that anybody (including those coming out) managed to see Pallone, who apparently was hiding in his upstairs office.

It was a hot afternoon. One protester said he's as sweaty as a Democrat on election night. The tea partiers were told they can't "stand" on the sidewalk, so they marched up and down the road in front of the building. One of their chant was "Get out of Anna's house!"

Staffers invited me inside. One of them told me I have a nice camera and I can take pictures. Then she said I can't take pictures, but I can take notes. But the Congressman held only one-on-one meetings, and I can't join any of those. So I could only take notes of what? People sweating in a crowded room with no A/C?

One lady in her 80s comes out and she says Pallone couldn't help her. When asked what she needed help with she said "I need help getting into my grave". Silence followed. I wanted to suggest that Pallone co-authored ObamaCare, and thus he's actually helping her, but she continued with a rant about her husband's will, and how the grave was left out of it, and his son won't let her use it.

A teenage scout girl brings out candy. My friend Art asks her if she wants to see the Congressman and the girl is in shock. "Congressman?? I thought this is the funeral!" Quite understandable, since the people waiting in line to see Frank Pallone looked quite grim. Meanwhile, the tea partiers kept having fun, waving flags, responding to honks, and chanting.

Art is also talking to a senior lady who twice said that her relatives fought in the Revolutionary War. She says she came here to save the horses. No, not the horse racing at Meadowlands or Monmouth Park, but the horses out west which are slaughtered for the Europeans to eat.

After waiting for more than 2 hours in some cases, people are leaving the building. Pallone's staffers come outside to serve Kool Aid to the overheated people. All the staffers are very short and thin girls. And a boy. At least now I know what's his type.

I'll post a few more updates once I'm able to identify some people who actually spoke to Congressman Pallone. In the meantime, enjoy a few pictures!


  1. At least you don't have to worry about him coming after you, as you don't fit his M.O. - (short). :)

  2. At least he deigned to show up this time... He didn't bother to be at his New Brunswick office last week.

  3. Frank must have been sitting in his office checking the "Want Ads" after seeing what was going on outside his window. November IS around the corner and his days are numbered!