Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Government is Denying Twice As Many Claims as Most Private Insurers

How many times have you heard the complaints that the evil medical insurance corporations are denying claims and leave people to die? And even more, that we need the Government to step in, and fix this problem? So you think that once Government takes over healthcare, you'll have a less chance of having your claim denied? Let's look at some facts.

The American Medical Association is publishing reports on health insurers' performance, split by lots of criteria. I'm looking at their report card for 2008 and I went to Page 5, which summarizes claim denials:

Payer Count of Records Denied Records Percent Of Claim Lines Denied
Aetna 637,239 43,317 6.80%
Anthem 250,070 11,546 4.62%
CIGNA 263,728 9,060 3.44%
Coventry 40,487 590 2.88%
Health Net 4,975 193 3.88%
Humana 143,026 4,142 2.90%
Medicare 6,938,431 475,566 6.85%
UHC 1,127,691 30,177 2.68%

Interesting, isn't it? Medicare (the Government) has the highest percentage of claim denials. And if you exclude Aetna, the Government is denying about twice as many claims as all the other evil private insurers!

But go ahead people, drink the Kool Aid, and keep dreaming that Government-run healthcare will mean your treatment will be more likely approved. As facts shown, you'll be twice as likely to be DENIED!

Thank you Mike Proto for finding this information!

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