Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Amy Handlin to Dems: "You're So Out of Touch, No Wonder You're Extinct"

Tonight I attended Assemblywoman Amy Handlin's reception. Amy had a short speech and what stood out was a reference to Jurassic Park. When Jeff Goldblum discovers that dinosaurs can't see in the dark, turns off the lights, and teases the T-Rex: "You're so out of touch, no wonder you're extinct!" This so perfectly applies to Democrats in NJ and elsewhere, and they'll start being extinct here after Nov. 3.

One reason is: 115. This is not the answer to the ultimate question about life, universe and everything. It's the number of tax increases in 4 years of Corzine rule. Everything is taxed in NJ, even taxes are taxed (see the corporate surcharge tax). Amy mentioned that only the air we breathe is not taxed, but I think it will be, once the tax&trade bill passes.

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