Sunday, May 17, 2009

Christie vs. Lonegan

As some of you probably know, in the NJ gubernatorial race I've been a Chris Christie supporter. I've been more and more convinced that Steve Lonegan is the candidate who's closer to my views, however I seriously doubt his chances in the general elections, against Jon Corzine. I don't think he can win in a heavily democratic state like New Jersey, and I'm afraid that he won't get the full support of the GOP.

Today it was the second debate between Christie and Lonegan, and I watched hoping for some good news from Christie, but unfortunately there weren't more than 2-3 answers that were better than Lonegan's for me... I think the part of Lonegan's platform that I like the most is his support for the flat tax, for which I argued a few days ago. Lonegan wants to renounce the highly redistributive progressive tax that we have in New Jersey, and Christie's response was one of economic illiteracy, and every thing his campaign says makes him look even worse.

Among other things I liked about Steve Lonegan today:
- Ridiculizing the windmills. That’s part of the environmentalist craze, and no Republican should advocate for windmills
- Opposing development of mass transit. If there would be demand, the huge transportation industry would build that. But there’s no demand. Mass transit is just another liberal fantasy that Americans don’t like
- Not supporting open space purchases. Government is not in the land ownership business. It’s enough that it owns a third of America. Government owns over 80% of the land west of the Rockies and we don’t need that in the East. Only communist regimes own the country’s land, it shouldn’t happen in a democracy
- For the umpteenth time, Christie tried the joke about how he didn't like math in school. OK, it was funny in the beginning, but it's getting old, and I'm starting to think he's actually proud that he was bad at math. But today, his joke that "I got into law because I'm just not good with math," turned against him when Lonegan answered that "based on your economic plan, we know you're not good at math!"

As for the Gitmo detainees issue, the Obama administration can send anyone to any federal prison in NJ without having to ask the Governor.

Now if Lonegan can convince me he can rally the NJ republicans and beat Corzine, he's got my primary vote.

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