Thursday, February 19, 2009

What's In for NJ in the "Stimulus" Bill

StimulusWatch has done a great job at categorizing or sorting the project in the porkulus bill. I'm looking at the $2,685,229,405 allocated to NJ, and I'm wondering, which exactly of these projects will stimulate our state??

First of all, here are the cities that will receive porkulus money: Clifton, East Orange, Edison, Elizabeth, Hamilton, Irvington, Newark, Orange, Piscataway, Trenton. These are all the cities mentioned in the bill. I'm not comment anything on this... or on the fact that none of them is in my area, but I wonder if anyone can find any patterns here.

Let's see just a few of them:

Improvements to various streets City-wide.Clifton$3,585,000
Civic/Recreation CenterEast Orange$2,300,000
DPW GarageEast Orange$1,750,000
Senior CenterEast Orange$1,200,000
Replace old inefficient motor fleet with hybrid vehiclesEdison$5,000,000
new senior/community centerEdison$8,000,000
improvements to historic thomas a. edison museum and towerEdison$10,000,000
Upgrade Traffic LightsElizabeth$5,000,000
Oakwood Plaza SewersElizabeth$2,000,000
New Animal ShelterElizabeth$5,000,000
New Outdoor Two Inground Swimming PoolsElizabeth$4,000,000
Midtown StreetscapeElizabeth$3,000,000
Public Marina Floating DocksElizabeth$500,000
Alcohol Beverage Control MonitoringElizabeth$600,000
New trailblazing system through the Irvington Center and along major principal arterialsIrvington$800,000
Multifamily Assisted Housing Capital Improvement ProgramNewark$40,000,000
West Ward Abandoned Property Public Facilities- Street, traffic calming, sidewalk improvements planned and pending design.Newark$2,300,000
Grace West Firehouse Historic Preservation Project- Restoration and preservation of abandoned turn-of the century fire house.Newark$1,500,000
Transit Project: Newark Elizabeth Light RailNewark$694,000,000
Townhouse Devt's - Roof ReplacementsNewark$20,600,000
Main Street Signage including Gateways, Way Finding DisplaysOrange$250,000,000
Streetscape for Central Ave Scotland Road ThoroughfaresOrange$5,000,000
Public Parking Lots Resurfacing, Beautification for Main StreetOrange$3,000,000
Community CenterPiscataway$16,000,000
Museum of Contemporary ScienceTrenton$30,000,000
Trenton YMCA Project - partial funding to assist in the construction of a $20 million YMCA facilityTrenton$6,000,000
Port of Trenton Museum - reconstruction of historic building into a maritime museumTrenton$4,000,000
Eagle Tavern Development - interior improvements/upgrades of landmark building for future use as a restaurant or office buildingTrenton$2,000,000

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    This might be the full list...

    Monmouth County Got Robbed...
    Not one town picked went for McCain...
    I'm waiting for someone to tell me how money for Alcohol Beverage Control Monitoring in Elizabeth create jobs? I'm not even going to touch all the solar panel stuff...apparently I need to go find a job installing solar panels..those guys are going to be making a lot of business soon.