Thursday, October 4, 2007

Climate news you'll not hear in the media: Arctic melt, ozone and silencing the experts

A NASA report just showed that the melting of Arctic ice has nothing to do with global warming. Of course noone in the media is reporting this, after all it's pure science, not political crap. In brief, "the rapid decline in winter perennial ice the past two years was caused by unusual winds. "Unusual atmospheric conditions set up wind patterns that compressed the sea ice, loaded it into the Transpolar Drift Stream and then sped its flow out of the Arctic," he said. When that sea ice reached lower latitudes, it rapidly melted in the warmer waters"

Recently, the democratic governor of Virginia has sacked the state climatologist Dr. Patrick Michaels just because he didn't agree with the global warming hype and repeatedly debunked with scientifical data Al Gore's claims. I didn't see any mention of this anywhere.

And finally, it was finally explained that the ozone hole is not manmade. What was considered "consensus" after just 25 years of measurements is now proven false. The ozone hole is expanding and shrinking due to unknown causes, but definitely not related to human activities. So we gave up sprays, aerosols, and every space shuttle launch is like a death watch because freon was banned and it was all for nothing.

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