Monday, January 8, 2007

The Case for Global Warming

With these warm temperatures in the Northeast, you start hearing all the reputed weather experts, from Al Gore and Barbara Boxer to Matt Lauer and Matt Damon warning us about the big dangers of global warming. They are ignoring the non-stop storms in the Rockies, 1 foot of snow in New Mexico, snowstorms in Israel, snowflakes in Florida and 6 feet of snow in my native Romania, but this is not the point I'm trying to make.

Let's suppose that we, the Americans (this is a very important detail, since Europeans, Chinese, Russians, Indians and South Americans seem to have 0 impact on the climate), are causing global warming. Let's also suppose that temperatures this century will raise 5 degrees, not the 2 degrees prophecied by Al Gore. And now let's see what this will mean. It will mean nicer weather, fewer snowstorms, fewer winter accidents, lower energy consumption, better resource conservation, decreased oil prices, bigger crops, less famine, less floods caused by spring thawing. It will also mean cheaper gas, lower heating costs, a superbowl at Giants Stadium, better agricultural yields, less traffic jams during the winter, less ice-related accidents.

OK, the global warming nuts will scream ocean levels will rise! Well, if you smart-ass liberals would have actually attended high-school, you'd have learned that when ice turns into water, it reduces its volume... so much for those icebergs meltdown resulting in higher oceans. Plus, while higher temperatures would melt some icebergs, they would also cause evaporation at lower latitudes, which would further compensate for the alleged oceans rise. And if the waters will really rise, as those polito-metheorologists are preaching: As long as one third of the Netherlands is situated up to 2 feet below sea level, believe me, a few American cities will somehow find a way to cope with 3 inches of water.

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